Saturday, February 21, 2015

Mama's Little Yella Pils

Tonight's winner winner chicken dinner went great with this pilsner from Oscar Blues. Sandy laughed about the name when she saw it at the store, so I picked up one. I know it looks like Budweiser in the glass, but believe me this has flavor and character. It could certainly be "fussed over" if you'd like.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shiner Prickly Pear

The Texans at Shiner add a little local cactus flower to this beer, giving it a sweet fruity taste. I can't really say what kind of fruit it tastes like, but it recalls childhood memories of the vague fruit flavor of red punch. Although this is not the most intriguing and complex beer in my book, it does make me happy, and that's really the point.

Over the last couple of days I've spent quite a lot of time listening to friends and colleagues who were all stressed out about things they had no control over. I try to tell them, if you have no opportunity and no ability to fix the problem, then leave it behind and go on with life. Why forgo happiness and continually fixate on the unfixable source of sadness? Drinking this happy Shiner Prickly Pear gives me inspiration. I should have said to these people, "Have you ever tried beer? Take two of these and call me in the morning."

Schell's Bock

This is the first time, as far as I can recall, I’ve come across Schell’s Bock. Considering the record that Schell’s has in my book, of consistently providing me with beers that please, I might have just assumed this would be great. But I had the chance tonight to be objective about it, trying Schell’s Bock side-by-side against the ever popular Shiner Bock. Both are delicious. But I have to give the nod to Schell’s. Both have flavors of roasted grain sweetened by fermentation that gives hints of dark fruit. But Schell’s has a much deeper, fuller character reminiscent of the prune notes I so enjoyed in their Chimney Sweep

Monday, February 16, 2015

400 Pound Monkey

This 400 Pound Monkey is a nice IPA. You have to be impressed with a beer that will leave lacing like this! Malt goodness is noticeable. The hops come through mostly as bitter and not so much flavorful.

I just came across “Topof the Hops” on the Internet, a bracketed taste tournament for IPAs. I can’t tell if the tournament ever got finished, but I see that this Left Hand Brew currently in hand had an unfortunate seed. In the first round, it went against Ranger, from New Belgium, which is always a winner for this category. Personally, unlike the Top of the Hops bracket, I’m open for double elimination; I’d be willing to give this beer a second chance later on.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Here's to 40 years of Saturday Night Live! This American Pale Ale was a great refreshment while watching the SNL anniversary special. Not that there is anything special about it that relates to late night farcical comedy, it's just that I like beer, and this one has great tasting herb and evergreen hop notes.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dirty Bastard

Despite the fact that this goes by a name that is borderline inappropriate, this Scottish Ale is spectacular. Grain and straw in the initial aroma are followed sweetly by dates and plum in the initial taste. Even to the last gulp this is a very likable dirty little bastard.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Schell's Snowstorm 2014

Super Bowl Sunday and our party is canceled because of snow and wind. The authorities are telling people in our region not to travel and our potential guests have all listened. So I find the perfect moment to sit quietly and enjoy this year's Schell's Snowstorm. Schell's surprises us each year with a unique offering for their winter Snowstorm series. This one is a welcoming warming of roasted nut and caramel flavors. I care so much about this beer and so little about who wins the game.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Session One

Great beer in a great tasting room! Tropical flavored hops moving my salivary glands and making me hungry. An excellent APA. I'm going to take home a growler for our Super Bowl party.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

An interesting complexity of flavors and aromas from roasted malts, caramel and hops make this another winner from Dogfish Head in my book.

I've been going through a bit of a rough patch lately. In fact, just last night I told my wife I felt as though I was running out of things to say in my book about beer. She's so thoughtful. She sent me this today.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Leinenkugel's Big Butt Doppelbock

I like this beer and I cannot lie. Tasty and refreshing, I wouldn't have been surprised if they packaged this as a dunkel, or dark beer. It has the taste and feel of having been mass produced, lacking in the character and freshness one finds in most dopplebocks.