Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lake House

It's moving day again for our kids in Iowa City.  This treat is nice and malty and makes it a little better going up and down three flights of stairs.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Elusive IPA

Finally made it back to our cabin in Missouri and found this Missouri IPA waiting for me. It has hints of nectarines in the aroma and herbal bitterness in the flavor--very nice.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Two Women

This was a very enjoyable amber lager. I had only two of these Wisconsin beers and I served the second one to Erik Rottmann, who is sharing this good sirloin steak dinner with us. I hope to get some more someday. My son Cameron brought these back for me from his visit to Wisconsin for a training session. He is going back again later this month and asks if there is anything I want him to bring back this time. Now I feel a little bit awkward but I think I need to ask my son, "Hey, can you bring back Two Women from Wisconsin for your Dad and his buddy Erik?"

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Totally Naked

Home again after a few days away, I need to catch up on my beer book. Sorting through photos of the trip to Colorado, compiling notes for descriptions and paging through old entries and my mouth won't stop watering. This Wisconsin lager is a cold, clear, easy going thirst quencher.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Betray Ale

Here's to another interesting beer from Wisconsin, an India Pale Pale Bock. I like the fresh hops of the India Pale and I like the lager crispness of the bock. It is intriguing to have those two experiences in one swallow. The thing is, I will probably not seek this one out again. There have been times when I craved an IPA and there have been times when I wanted a bock. I can't imagine a time when I would want a combination of the two.

Friday, July 10, 2015


On the way home from our vacation, across the very long state of Nebraska, Sandy came down with a craving for pizza. She worked her smart phone until she found the perfect pizza place: Yia Yia's Pizza in downtown Lincoln. The reviews told her the pizza was great and the beer list would suffice to talk me into going there. She ordered the pizza and I ordered a spectacular beer. Complex, sweet, and very sippable. When I emptied it I really wanted to skip all the other taps, and hundreds of bottles and go straight back to the GnarlyWine. But the mere mention of that idea disappointed Sandy. How could I sit in a place like this and only try from one tap! So as I finished my side of the pizza, I drank some other beer that, by comparison, was totally forgettable.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wild2 Dubble

New Belgium in Fort Collins was a highlight of our Colorado trip. We had a beer, some small bites from a taco stand in the parking lot, and a little walking tour of the facility. For this post, pictures will do better than words:

Wood Casks

Beers in the Lab

Excellent Beer

Dark is the New Light

While in Fort Collins, Colorado, I looked up Fort Collins Brewery on the GPS. This was a high priority stop on our vacation. I have always liked this brewery. As I went in the doors I was anticipating seeing and tasting their great beers like Avalanche and Agave Wheat. But, alas, no such beers here. Turns out, those are from Breckenridge and my memory is failing. Good thing I've been writing this stuff down lately.

Nevertheless and not surprisingly, I did find a beer I was very happy with here. This barley wine with a light feel has a solid malt backbone but a fruity tart finish that makes it very drinkable.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Face Down Brown

I'm pictured here with my buddy Scott. We"ve been friends for more than 35 years, but way too many years have passed since we last had a beer together. Life has sent us to different states and even, at times, different continets. Tonight we meet up and Scott takes me out for some great barbeque,  great music, and great beer. The place is Front Range Barbecue in Colorado  Springs. The music is by the Boxcar Bandits, a skunkgrass trio from Texas (www.boxcarbandits.com) shown in the background over my shoulder. And the beer was Face Down Brown Ale with the sweet smell of brown sugar and coffee in the flavor.

Thanks again, Scott.